Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Your SCBWI Aust/NZ Conference blogging team

From your blog-master, Sheryl Gwyther:
Just putting a few faces to the names. We're all authors who write for children and we're all passionate about what we do. Hope you're enjoying our posts - we can't report every detail, of course, it's been such a jam-packed conference.

Thank you to the team, and also to others who've passed on their observations as well - like Scott Chambers and Penny Morrison. Check out the blog soon.

Thank you, as well, to Lesley Vamos and her wonderful photographic images (most of which appear on this blog).

Still have a few posts to catch up on so do keep dropping in on the SCBWI Conference 2012 blog. 

Lynda Calder, Alison Peters, Nathan Luff, Sheryl Gwyther, Wendy Fitzgerald.