Monday, 2 July 2012

Saturday Night Rocked at the Hughenden

SCBWI's roving reporter, Wendy Fitzgerald jumped into the action....
As usual, on the Saturday night of the conference, the graceful lady called The Hughenden Hotel rocked to the sounds of music. 
Everyone squeezed into the majestic lounge bar after dinner.
The room danced, jiggled, crooned, delighted and grinned as we were treated to the premier performance of the iconic band, The Bookends.   

Chris, Scott and crooner James.
The Hughenden Hotel became the Heartbreak Hotel. Mustang Sally turned into Mustang Frane, Van Morrison’s G-l-o-r-i-a morphed into S-u-s-a-n-n-e Gervay. Find me a contract and an original version of Bookwriter Blues mingled in a diverse and eclectic set of well-loved songs.
Meredith tinkles the ivory keys

Songwriter, Meredith Costain rocked it out on the piano. Chris Cheng strummed steadily on his strings. 
Scott Chambers impressed and surprised with his wild and funky guitar riffs while SCBWI’s new find - illustrator, James Foley’s true talent shone out on vocals.

What a wonderful way to end a truly inspiring day.

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  1. BTW - we also play book launches, if you're prepared to provide cupcakes and, um, airfares =P