Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A word from Susanne Gervay, Regional Advisor - Australia and New Zealand

Susanne Gervay

Hi everyone - please look at the Conference website to hear news even if you're not coming. Everyone is part of this celebration of our community.
The Hughenden is full now and I have asked delegates to share where possible. No more room, but you can book at The Arts Hotel, Darlinghurst or The Manor, Darlinghurst.
SCBWI Illustrators who are NOT attending the Conference, you are welcome to join the Illustrator showcase - it's a $40 fee for non-conference delegates and you can book online - www.scbwiaustralia.org It's getting exciting.
If you attend or not, please be part of it - with the Conference Blog, Facebook pages and send in your comments.
From Susanne

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