Thursday, 3 May 2012

Guest blogger... Deborah Abela

Popular author and children's writers advocate, Deborah Abela is our guest blogger today. Check out why she loves getting together with other book creators. 

I love any excuse to get together with other kids' book creators, mostly, for a bit of fun and secondly, it’s a great way to glean information about what is going on beyond my hermetically sealed writing room.

I was very, very lucky recently to share a room, three-little-bears style in Bologna with wonderful illustrators and fabulous girls, Lesley Vamos and Serena Geddes. We walked through the mild March Bologna mornings each day to the Bologna Children's Book Fair , where we were surrounded by hangars of kids' book publishers, editors, rights managers, authors and illustrators from all over the was a bookish feast! 

We were also very lucky to meet other SCWBI members from all over the world, including founding member, Lin Oliver, who is a hoot.

The SCBWI conferences in Australia are a much smaller affair but no less fun. In fact, the intimacy is one of the highlights, and the conversations you have over the three days are often illuminating.

The atmosphere of sharing ideas, of swapping news, of being amongst people who know the highs and lows, is rejuvenating. I'm looking forward to listening, laughing, sharing and clinking glasses over this wonderful thing we do.

From Deborah Abela

Author of Max Remy Superspy series, Jasper Zammit (Soccer Legend) series, The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen, Grimsdon and her new series is GhostClub, inspired by the real life club that was formed by Charles Dickens over 150 years ago.

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