Saturday, 30 June 2012

Welcome to the conference! Some images from Lesley Vamos

Hey everyone - I know Sheryl has already beat me to the punch - the mad blogger that she is. However I thought I would give you a few more photos from the night as well as look at the roaring success that was the first illustrator showcase!

Welcome to the Hughi - Open only to us!

Setting up for a BIG night! 

Serena and Sarah ready to welcome our special guests

Big thanks to all 37 publishers, agents and editors that came from all over Australia to celebrate our illustrators!

And Congratulations to Sue Whiting on winning first prize for the most comments made to artists in their feedback envelopes - Enjoy that Moet ^_^


  1. Lesley, your photos are fabulous! And you've captured the evening so well. It was a truly splendid occasion, from ornithoods to excellent orators and everything in between.

    Congratulations to the Illustrators Showcase organisers, Lesley Vamos, Sarah Davis, Serena Geddes, Frane Lessac and the team - and to the illustrators themselves. What a gob-smackingly, brilliant display of work!

    Congratulations as well to author, Catriona Hoy for the launch of her gorgeous book, The Little Dinosaur.

  2. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Illustrators' Showcase organisers. This has been a wonderful opportunity and in one of the pictures above I can spy a publisher with my card in her hand. Fingers crossed!