Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Some more tips from Susanne Gervay, SCBWI Regional Advisor

The SCBWI Conference is about connecting with authors and illustrators around Australia and New Zealand, taking away cards with names of new colleagues, becoming an ‘insider’ in this community.

It’s about the next time there is a children’s book industry event, you have people you can connect with, which is part of growing as a writer and illustrator.
Tina Clark, Meredith Costain and Sarah Davis at The Hughenden
You'll learn lots, get leads and tips but the parts you'll remember most will be the friendship and excitement about the creative process.
So much of writing and illustrating is done alone. The community makes it warm and welcoming especially as you face the ups and downs of publication.
Susanne Gervay

Lisa Berryman and Leonie Tyle
Frances Plumpton and Deb Abela

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