Thursday, 24 May 2012

Is this your first SCBWI Conference?

You stand like that proverbial shag until you recognise someone from Facebook. Into the throng you head... (then again, you may just stand on your lonely rock until someone says hello).
2010 SCBWI Conference Dinner
For a first time SCBWI conference attendee the experience can be overwhelming.. a room filled with hundreds of people talking and laughing, happy to catch up with colleagues and friends and, worst of all everybody seems to know each other (except for you). 

I used to be very shy (still am, not that you can tell!) so I understand how difficult it can be approaching strangers, especially award-winning authors, publishers, agents and the like.... what if they ask you what you're writing? What if you'd rather battle a monster from the deep than pitch your 50,000 word fantasy novel in two sentences? What if you sound like a complete nong? Yep, been there, done that.

I was lucky on my first conference attendance - I knew several writers from an online children's writing group I'm in (here's looking at you, KWDers!) and it was great to connect with them in the real.

Authors, Dee White and Oliver Phommavanh   

This will be my third SCBWI A/NZ Conference and I can't wait. 

We're part of a very special creative industry and everyone I've ever met in this industry feels the same way. That's why we love connecting at the bi-annual SCBWI Conference in Sydney - and being with the tribe.

Tomorrow, I'll post a very useful blog - gleaned from some of Australia's best-loved writers and illustrators especially for you. Tips for Attending your first SCBWI Conference. 
Lots of great advice for not-as-yet writers and/or published. Also some great tips for us old-timers!

Do you have some extra advice for attendees? 
Remember to leave your comments on tomorrow's post...

Authors/illustrators, Lynn Priestley, Kathleen Noud, Julie Nickerson
Chatting in The Hughenden's lounge


  1. Oh dear, looks like I'm boring the pants off Sandy there in the Hughenden's lounge! So we'll both be enjoying our 3rd SCBWI then Sheryl!? How very cool - definitely time I finished something then =) Looking forward to the 29th! Cheers, Scott.

  2. Hahaha, Scott.I'm sure Sandy is hanging on your every word! I didn't get to meet you at previous conferences - we shall this time! :)

  3. This is great Sheryl. I am looking forward to my first SCBWI and tomorrow's post! I will share the link for this blog with my writing group.
    Thanks, Ramona

  4. Ramona, thank you for suggesting this very pertinent blog topic. :)

  5. I'm excited about tomorrow's post, so guess how excited I am about going to the conference for the first time?

  6. Penny, you'll have a wonderful time. :)

  7. Julie Fitzgerald25 May 2012 at 09:41

    Thank you for being so thoughtful. I'm still coming to grips with portfolio presentations. etc.
    And yes one of the people walking in with a cloud of fog surrounding their head would be me.

  8. This will also be my first SCBWI conference. Thanks for the post. After meeting some Sydney SCBWI members at the April meeting, where I felt very warmly welcomed, I am really looking forward to this event.